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Congratulations. You Made It Through Zoom School!


We loved José Rolón and his kids as soon as we spotted them on social media. Then the rest of the world got clued in. Refreshing honesty and humor in a challenging time.

And hope for the future.

When the pandemic hit, New York wedding planner José Rolón took on the job of homeschooling his three kids. But his sense of occasion still needed an outlet. José Rolón and his kids, Avery and twin sisters Leila and London became a sensation on TikTok.

Rolón's husband Tim died in 2013. Their surrogate was pregnant with twins and Rolon decided to follow through. Every year, on the anniversary of Tim's death, he marks the occasion. This year, for the first time, he included the kids. This is the last video.

We saw his videos a little over a month ago and fell in love. We asked if we could post them on the magazine's website. We were thrilled when he said yes. 

Now everyone is laughing and crying with the family. All of our families.

Thanks so much to José Rolón for use of these videos.

Social: @nycgaydad