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David Crosby


"he refused to take a dime for all of his efforts..."

Kenny White, Musician

david would come to my shows whenever i played in the santa barbara area and declared himself a fan, after the first time. a couple of years later, i asked how big a fan he might be and would he be willing to fly across the country and sing on my record…and that i’d send him the song in advance.

“you don’t need to send the track, i’m gonna love it…i’ll be there.”

he flew in the night before NYC’s biggest snowstorm in 50 years, but he and jan made it to the studio (before i did) and he spent the day adding parts, ideas, and that Voice! and, when we finished, asked if i had any others he could sing on. i quickly came up with another.

he refused to take a dime for all of his efforts, but he did ask if, instead, we could try writing a couple of songs. we finished two, but they hadn’t yet been recorded. i’ll try to do that at some point.

like so many of my peers, a huge influence to me throughout my formative years. and also, a beautiful and extremely generous guy, in every way. i will miss him.

Kenny White with David Crosby

A Road Less Traveled

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Brian's David Crosby Playlist

Lady Friend :: The Byrds

Why ::: The Byrds

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Everybody’s Been Burned ::: The Byrds

Renaissance Fair ::: The Byrds

Dolphin’s Smile ::: The Byrds

Draft Morning ::: The Byrds

Rock N’ Roll Woman ::: Buffalo Springfield

Triad ::: The Byrds

Wooden Ships ::: Crosby Stills & Nash

Guinevere ::: Miles Davis

Guinevere ::: Crosby Stills & Nash

Music Is Love ::: David Crosby

Carry Me :: David Crosby & Graham Nash

Southbound Train ::: David Crosby & Graham Nash

Ohio ::: David Crosby, Jason Isbell

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