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Don Everly, Dreams


"Don and I are infamous for our split, but we're closer than most brothers.

Harmony singing requires that you enlarge yourself, not use any kind of suppression.

Harmony is the ultimate love.”

— Phil Everly, 1986

Shelby Lynne Remembers

Long Time Gone ::: The Everly Brothers

Brian's Everly Brothers Playlist

Like Strangers ::: The Everly Brothers

When Will I Be Loved ::: The Everly Brothers

Bye Bye Love (on Shindig) ::: The Everly Brothers

The Price of Love ::: The Everly Brothers

The Lord of The Manor ::: The Everly Brothers

The Cuckoo ::: The Everly Brothers

I Wonder If I Care As Much ::: The Everly Brothers

Mama Tried ::: The Everly Brothers

Omaha ::: Don Everly

Down In The Willow Garden (outtakes) ::: The Everly Brothers

Sing Me Back Home ::: The Everly Brothers

"Off-stage, Don was a glutton for life and a connoisseur. He had always seen the latest film; he read widely; he was interested in modern art and, on a modest scale, collected it. An avid explorer of restaurants, he loved to talk of food and to cook it. On tour, the Anglophile rock star would rise early and roam the towns he found himself in. These explorations made his professional duties tolerable, as he would deftly concede. At showtime in 90s Croydon, he realised he had forgotten to change into his stage clothes. Told he looked fine, he answered: 'No, I better change. That suit knows the words.'"

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