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Earth Day, Smerth Day


Charles Marion Russell forsook St. Louis for Montana in 1880 when he was only 16.


Asked to address a Montana meeting shortly before his death in 1926, the old man was horrified to hear himself introduced as a “pioneer.


Misty-eyed, he roared: "In my book, a pioneer is a man who comes to a virgin country, traps off all the fur, kills off all the wild meat, cuts down all the trees, grazes off all the grass, plows the roots up, and strings ten million miles of bob wire. A pioneer destroys things and calls it civilization. I wish to God that this country was just like it was when I first saw it, and that none of you folks were here at all!"

  Alexander Eliot, Three Hundred Years of American Painting (1957)

Jerry Jeff Walker ::: Night Rider's Lament 

Not Your Last Rodeo. 

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