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Jake Simkin in Kabul

Went on a journey to find out what it meant to be human. Still on that journey.

The Skier

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Here is another friend who made it to safety, @alishah_farhang_ who will be migrating to Italy. Ali Shah was a ski student of Fernando Rollando, learning in Bamiyan. Ali Shah worked doing reports on the security in Badakhshan. We were hiking, horse-riding, and snowshoeing together.

What a wild trip we went on. He encouraged me to keep going for 50 km with a fractured foot to town through the snow. Ali Shah competed for Afghanistan in Winter Olympics in skiing. For now, Italy is his home where now he will probably continue training for the next winter games.

Give him my love Italy. Hopefully one day we will meet again. #refugeewelcome #afghanistan

The Graffiti Artist

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Another of my friends @shamsiahassani made it out of Afghanistan. Shamsia is one of Afghanistan’s first female graffiti artist is this is her first piece she did out of the comfort of her home or a studio. She graffitied the piece in the old Russian Cultural Centre. The piece translates ‘The water will return to the dry lake, but all the fish has died and serves no one’ No doubt she be pushing her art where ever she be. #refugeewelcome #afghanistan #kabul #graffitiartist

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The Skaters

Both Noorzai and Merza have managed to leave Afghanistan and head to a new chapter in their lives. Noorzai went to Poland and Merza went to Sweden though I originally thought the USA because he was granted a last-minute visa.

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There were images of women above the beauty parlour but they have been poorly blacked out with black spray paint. Most of them are out of fear that the Taliban will destroy their premises if they continue to show images of women. Still there is many images of women in the city. #kabul

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Night Life

The once busy streets of Kabul in Share Nau are quiet. After last prayer, most are encouraged to go home in case the Taliban question what you are up to. There are no more loud noises of music or TV playing. But there are still people and life and the smiles. #afghanistan #streetphotography #sonya7iii

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White Flag

I am not done with this story. Afghanistan was my home for six years. I cannot let it go. The white flags fly now. We must keep them accountable for their actions. #afghanistan

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Jake Simkin lived in Kabul, Afghanistan from 2008 to 2014 and still calls it home.

He is in Kabul now, helping his friends get out or find refuge.

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