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Hail, Hail, the Queen of Rock and Roll

Teddy Quinn

My personal Tina Turner story is one of a boy hitchhiking down Laurel Canyon, being picked up by a superstar before her incredible comeback, in a Rolls-Royce. She lectured me all the way down the hill to Sunset Boulevard, warning me of the dangers of hitchhiking and promising to find my mother and tell her next time she saw me with my thumb out.

My mother was active in a group called Motion Picture Mothers & I was fairly sure my mom knew Tina’s. I was also on TV as a kid so I never knew who might recognize me. Was she bluffing or was she serious? I spent a nervous few weeks wondering if word would filter back to my mom about my hitch hiking.

Either Tina kept my secret or she didn't recognize me. But in a way, I'd been found out. For those ten minutes, it was almost like having Tina Turner as my mother, winding our way down the Canyon.

I will never forget her tough love and caring. Her tremendous voice and presence. Her pursuit of the dharma. Her magnificence has me reduced to tears. Hail hail, Tina Turner, the queen of rock ‘n’ roll.

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Teddy Quinn is a musician, scenester, and community activist in Joshua Tree, California. This is from his memoir--in-progress, Far Out. You can find his music here.

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What's Brian Got to Do With It?

The Soundtrack

So Fine ::: Ike & Tina Turner

A Fool In Love ::: Ike & Tina Turner

Motherless Child ::: Ike & Tina Turner

Tonight ::: Tina Turner & David Bowie

I Think It’s Going To Work Out Fine ::: Ry Cooder

Hitch Hike ::: Marvin Gaye

Tell Mama ::: Etta James

River Deep Mountain High ::: Ike & Tina Turner

Let’s Stay Together ::: Tina Turner

Private Dancer ::: Tina Turner

Soul To Soul (Ghana) ::: Tina Turner