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Hit of the Week


Bing-Bing, Bong-Bong Injection

By David Was (David Weiss, the other half of Was Not Was)

It’s sort of funny.

The silly fat man, hair the color of a gangster gal’s pubes, here he is dancing on the graves of our children, our parents, our oceans, our deserts, selling the rain to the highest bidder, digitally dancing with digital rhymes :



The truest words he’s ever said.



He rolls his head.

It’s sort of funny.

The joke’s on us.

- Brian Cullman

From Benny Arnold on YouTube: How to out-trump Trump himself? Cut-and-paste his greatest self-immolating statements to a beat that just won't stop, add Charlie Chaplin "Great Dictator" clips and hit the blend button on the old mixmaster! Pour a cold beverage (anything but Clorox) and fasten your seatbelts. Who knew The Donald could spit like Ghostface Killah (no disrespect intended to the Wu-Tang Clan). May this track serve as a musical farewell to a con-man without equal. All scat-singing by Don his damn self. Bing Bing, Bong-Bong!

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