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In My Room: Take Five

When It's All Getting to Be Too Much


Fiona McBain & Liz Tormes are The Nine Seas, named for the lost & lamented bar (9C) where they used to sing in different configurations (Fiona with Ollabelle, Liz sometimes with Fizz, sometimes with the best players from the lower east side in late night sessions). Together they reconfigure American folk & gospel and let the mystery shine in all directions at once.

Trials Troubles Tribulations : The Nine Seas

Trials troubles tribulations
Such as never been before
When the angels pour upon us
Their vows of dread for ever more

When the fire comes down from Heaven
And the blood shall fill the sea
I’ll be carried home by Jesus
There forever with him be

The beasts with horns will come upon you
One with seven one with ten
They will cry unto the mountain
They’ll pray to die but cannot win

The mark must be upon your forehead
These earthly goods you then can buy
Depart from me I never knew you
You’ll hear my blessed Savior cry