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Mask: Patriotic Americans


Three patriots. One was killed today.

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Ron and Rose, Von's supermarket, Yucca Valley, California.

Ron is a retired firefighter.

"See the thin red line?" he asks, stretching out his mask. Rose helps him.

"A volunteer firefighter?"

"No! A real one."

Rose is a retired 911 dispatcher.


When I asked if I could take Ron's picture because of his flag mask, he held his wife close to get her in the shot.

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In Flint, Michigan, a security guard at a Family Dollar store was shot in the head Monday after telling a customer to put on a mask. Calvin Munerlyn, 43, died at a Flint hospital. Three people have been charged with his murder: the 45-year-old woman who reportedly refused to wear a mask, and spit on Munerlyn when he informed her of the requirement, and two members of her family.

Exactly one week before, Munerlyn had been named Parent of the Year at Madison Academy, where two of his four children, who include his stepchildren, attended school.