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Quo Vadis, Bernie?


As it turns out, Bernie Sanders dominates the Meme World. There are reasons for this, and Naomi Klein does a good job of guessing at them in The Intercept (see link below). But we have our own interpretation: We all wore mittens growing up if we lived in parts of the U.S. where it snows.

Maybe Bernie makes us believe we can get back to the America we once knew. No, not the racist, sexist bits. But the part where government was accountable and Americans had a sense of security.

The way forward is evoked by the Wayback Machine.

Naomi Klein on The Meaning of Mittens (not Romney's): The Intercept.

Moonlight On Vermont ::: Captain Beefheart

Mittens ::: Heather Masse

Moonlight In Vermont ::: Willie Nelson

The Vermont Waltz ::: Steve Gillette & CindyMangsen

Moonlight In Vermont ::: Billie Holiday

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