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Strange Days: The World is Still Beautiful


Carolyn Marks Blackwood

I remember, at about age five or six, being woken up and frightened by a thunderstorm. I went into my parents bedroom crying. My Dad got up and took my hand and led me upstairs to a guest room which had a clear open view to the sky. He got a chair and I stood on it, and we watched the storm together. He taught me that if you counted the seconds between the lightning flash and thunder, you could measure the distance of the storm-5 seconds equals 1 mile - that night changed my fear of storms into fascination and instilled me with a lifelong love, which gets fully expressed as a photographer. I think of my father with every storm.

Carolyn Marks Blackwood was born in Anchorage, Alaska. After living and working in New York City, she moved to the Hudson Valley where she continues in the tradition of American landscape painters in the Hudson River School. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally and she has produced feature films including The Dig, Philomena, and The Duchess.

Skies of America ::: Ornette Coleman

Apocalypse Across The Sky: Gabahay ::: The Master Musicians of Jajouka

And The Gods Made Love ::: Jimi Hendrix

The Protecting Veil ::: John Tavener

On The Corner/Under The Skies ::: Miles Davis

Under The Falling Sky ::: Bonnie Raitt

Cloud Dancing ::: The Roches

Clouds Hanging Low ::: The Missionaries

Ingoma ::: Royal Drummers of Burundi

Walk in Beauty with Journal of the Plague Years

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