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The Mask Project: Turning Necessity Into Art


It's bizarre to venture out into a world where everyone is masked. The person behind the covering could be anyone: artist, killer, pet store owner, hairdresser, carpenter, spy.

What's reassuring is how Americans are turning a safety precaution into self-expression. Journal of the Plague Year is opening the magazine to your photographs of ordinary folks wearing masks. The requirements are simple:

1. Snap a photo.

2. Get the person's first name and what they do for work, if they work.

3. Note the place.

4. Send it to us at (At least medium-size photo, please!)

Let's turn barriers into community.

The whole mask thing is frightening at first, but after a while we'll get used to it.

Like the pandemic itself.

photo above: self-portrait, Laleh Khorramanian, artist and co-founder, MASKS4PEOPLE (M4P)

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Marlene. Retired, makes jewelry. At Stater Bros. Supermarket, 29 Palms, CA.

Susan Zakin photo

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