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The Verdict


How can you celebrate anything to do with a  murder?  The murder itself is unfathomable in its coldness. A badge gave former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin the conviction that there were no limits to what he could do.  Americans beheld a glimpse of what happens when there is no accountability in a society. This is what humans are made of - some humans, at any rate.  

As repellent as Chauvin's crime, it's horrifying to think about what he will face in prison as the most notorious killer of a  man whose name now carries  the pain and sadness of Black Americans, and of white Americans, too. Everyone suffers when a society is unequal.

No, celebration is not the word. It is redemption, perhaps, and a promise, in this moving conversation among Floyd's family members, lawyer Ben Crump, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. 

Biden, as always, led with feeling. Remember that he started his career as a public defender. 

But Harris, whose spontaneity can sometimes seem contrived,  brought us to tears.