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Warnings of Attack Came a Week Before Jan. 6


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about being scared that she would die when insurrectionists stormed the Capitol Jan. 6. She was a target, and warnings of violence came a week before the attack.

She isn't shying away from holding the guilty to account or talking about the larger forces that drove the attack.

In the first video, she talks about being a survivor of sexual assault, expanding her story to include anyone living with trauma. A brave statement about why we shouldn't simply move on and try to forget what happened.

In the second video, she talks about the broader forces behind the insurrection.

Heather Cox Richardson wrote:

The nonpartisan Coup D’état Project at the Cline Center of the University of Illinois, which analyzes and categorizes political violence, last week determined that the storming of the Capitol "was an attempted coup d’état: an organized, illegal attempt to intervene in the presidential transition by displacing the power of the Congress to certify the election.” Its statement about the coup warns that “coups and attempted coups are among the most politically consequential forms of destabilizing events tracked by the Cline Center.”

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