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Winter Comes Down: Shane MacGowan

Dec. 25, 1957-Nov. 30, 2023


Dean Kuipers

I shed some tears over Shane’s passing. Something different about the hours we spent with that howl. We trusted him, despite his best efforts to shake us, because he trusted the poetry. That would stand up even when he couldn’t. He delivered a great tale, full of tragedy and true love, and zeroed in on the killer line. You couldn’t hold still when the Pogues were at full roar. The whole history of romance poured out of him like a smashed bottle of wine. He swam across the room on dreams. Go on then, Shane O’Hooligan, what a beauty.

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Dean Kuipers is a journalist who writes on farming, the human-nature relationship and the arts. His most recent books are The Deer Camp and, together with his wife Lauri Kranz, A Garden Can Be Anywhere.Dean His work has appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Orion, Interview, and other magazines.

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