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Breaking: Health Care Crisis for the Newly Unemployed


In the 2020 presidential election, healthcare will likely figure as the top issue, just as it did in the 2018 midterm. Joe Biden seems utterly unprepared to address it in any serious way. He could profit by rethinking his entire position, and he can start by reading every line of this.

"Like it or loathe it, millions of people have been suddenly and unexpectedly severed from their health insurance. Unions are offering some protection but not in perpetuity — members of Las Vegas’s powerful Culinary Union who were laid off in March are guaranteed health insurance through Aug. 31 only.

From the Facebook feed of Scott Horton, the author of Lords of Secrecy and a contributing writer at Harper's, linking to a spot-on Washington Post column by the economics writer Helaine Olen, which you can read here.