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Enough with the Handmaid's Tale, Already!


Sometimes word fail us. (Some of you might think it's more often than that, but please, be kind.)

Seriously, there are times when there is so much that cascades through one's mind, there is relief in memes, and often that relief comes with a measure of truth.

This felt like one of those times, and the Internet did not fail to provide. As the U.S. Supreme Court become a mockery and Americans lose more of their faith in government, except for maybe those Americans who prize faith to the exclusion of reason, we offer a selection of commentary. First, the Court.

To be fair, progressives were a bit quick to jump on the fundraising opportunity.

And for women who saw this as Us versus Them with the guys, the memes got, er, violent. But if you want to use this one as a playbook for taking on Mitch McConnell, hey, we're down with that.

Sometimes the memes were regional.

And at least one, from our friend and fellow traveler, cartoonist Gary Huck, possessed an elegant simplicity even as it commented on a gruesome reality. Textbook visual narrative!

Thanks, folks. We're off to search out the best green chile enchiladas in the great state of New Mexico.

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