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Have a Little Faith

David Talbot

Questlove saves the best for last, with Sly and the Family Stone’s electric performance at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival closing his wonderful, uplifting documentary "Summer of Soul." But equally powerful to me was a song I never heard before that Questlove picked for the final credits — the Chambers Brothers’ “Have a Little Faith.”

I adore the Chambers band, four brothers from Mississippi (and a white dude on drums) who pioneered the psychedelic soul movement — along with with Sly, Arthur Lee and Love, and Jimi Hendrix. Rooted in the gospel music of Mississippi, the brothers took their mixed-race audiences even higher with their unique blend of church harmonies and kick-ass rock. They’re best known for their hit “Time Has Come Today.” But I love the righteous funk of “Have a Little Faith.” Give it a listen — and then go see "Summer of Soul." It will make you feel again.

David Talbot founded the online magazine Salon. He's the author of numerous books, including The Devil's Chessboard, Season of the Witch, Between Heaven and Hell, and most recently, with his sister Margaret, By the Light of Burning Dreams. He's been a friend of The Journal since before it existed.

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