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Hellhounds on His Trail


Dave Alvin

What is there to say? One of those separate the art from the artist situations. A truly wild, crazy, rock and rolling, honky tonking, messed up, dangerous, more than little insane, innovator and unique piano pounder with hellhounds eternally on his trail. Though he was one of my musical heroes, I always kept my distance from him and feel absolutely fine about that even though I do think he and The Blasters playing together would have majestically blown the roof off of any joint in the universe. Besides his Live At The Star Club album (which is in my opinion the greatest live rock and roll album ever), this is my favorite Jerry Lee record. Dark, loose and rocking. What more could you want? But if there is an afterlife, I think I'll keep my distance from him there as well.

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Myra Lewis Brown, married to Jerry Lee Lewis at 13, described herself as “the adult in the relationship." Yep, we get it.

R.I.P. Jerry Lee Lewis

Born September 29, 1935, Ferriday, Louisiana

Died October 28, 2022

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The perfect match of biographer and subject: Nick Tosches's bio of the wild, talented rock and roller whose cousin was disgraced fundamental preacher Jimmy Swaggert: : Hellfire

Dave Alvin is, in the opinion of our editor, who is vehement on the subject, the best songwriter and performer in America today. Read about Dave Alvin on his website. His book New Highway is available on Amazon. This final word on Jerry Lee Lewis is from his Facebook page, where you should also follow him. The guy can write, and not just songs. (Although that would be enough.)