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Trump's Death Clock: TikTok

Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki created the Trump Death Clock to display the estimated number of lives lost to Covid-19 because of the Trump administration's response -- actually, lack of response -- to the pandemic.

That number is 71,700 and rising. Jarecki, known for “The Trials of Henry Kissinger,” “Why We Fight,” started the Death Clock after a stunning graphic appeared in The New York Times.

Using models from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, epidemiologists Nicholas and Britta Jewell created a graph showing that if the U.S. had instituted social distancing when the country had only 11 cases of coronavirus - as a number of other countries did - as estimated 90 percent of deaths could have been avoided.

Let that sink in. Ninety percent of the current death toll: 122,127.


If Trump had responded to the crisis even one week earlier than he did, instead of denying the problem, the spread of the virus could have been reduced by more than 60%.

In an interview with The Wrap, Jarecki said that he checked with a number of other scientists and epidemiologists who all agreed with those figures.

“I chose that study and that sixty percent figure because I wanted to pinpoint a precise period in time in which this president’s decisions have had an impact on human lives, and something above partisan debate.”

Ordinarily, the Death Clock looms high over Times Square, flashing its sad and ever-rising numbers to the desolate streets below.

France 24 reports from Times Square, with some very New Yawk man and woman on the street interviews.

When Trump announced plans for a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jarecki hired an enormous truck to drive around Tulsa's convention center, a hard-to-ignore display of digital statistics of doom for the president's supporters.

“We want everyone who attends Trump's rally to have an opportunity to make an informed choice based on real numbers," Jarecki told The Hill.

At the time that Jarecki set off for Tulsa with that clock, Trump and his team were predicting an overflow crowd of hundreds of thousands thronging to see the president. On June 15th, Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, boasted that over one million tickets had been requested for the arena, which holds approx 19,000 people, and arrangements were made to accommodate the hundreds of thousands who’d be left outside.

As it turned out, however, the convention center was less than a third full. The lackluster turnout was attributed not to any sense of caution among Trump supporters, although that may have played a role, but to a stealth campaign by Gen Z on TikTok and Snapchat.

So there were no crowds waiting outside to see the growing number of Covid-19 deaths the filmmaker was laying at Mr Trump’s tiny feet.

It was, however, such a large truck that, if you forgot social distancing, they could have easily driven all the participants home.

One by one by one.

- The Editors

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